Heine type X-01.88.037 Equivalent 2.5v

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    Heine type X-01.88.037 Equivalent 2.5v

    For Diagnostic Otoscopes K100 & Beta 100, Operating Otoscope, Curved laryngeal mirror.

    Tongue blade holder, alpha+ FO Otoscope, alpha+ Tongue blade holder.

    Diagnostic otoscopes, K100 and BETA 100, Operating Otoscope, curved lyngeal mirror, tongue blade holder, alpha + F.O otoscope, alpha and tongue blade holder

    Other Refs:
    01.88.037/2.5V HEINE
    01.88.037 HEINE
    X-01.88.037-2.5V-VACUUM HEINE
    X-01.88.037/2.5V/VACUUM HEINE
    X01.88.037-2.5V-VACUUM HEINE
    X01.88.037/2.5V/VACUUM HEINE

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    Screw Thread
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