Keeler 1015-p-7023 Original 3.5v Otoscope bulb - Pack of 2 bulbs

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    The Keeler 1015-p-7023 Original 3.5v Otoscope / Auroscope bulb has a red base and is used in rechargeable battery handles.

    The bulb is a screw fit and is used in the Keeler Standard, Pocket, Deluxe, Medic-Lux, Vetscope & Tongue depressor Otoscopes.

    1015-P-7023, 1015P7023, 1015p7023.

    All Keeler instruments use genuine Halogen and Xenon technology, yielding a brighter, whiter illumination and a longer life.

    Look at the bottom of your bulb to identify if your instrument is 2.8v (blue - dry cell battery) or 3.6v (red - rechargeable)

    Accurate diagnosis depends upon a number of factors. Of these, top quality illumination ranks as one of the most important.

    Only excellent visualisation allows you to use your diagnostic skills to the full.

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