Measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) is a critical diagnostic tool for detecting and managing conditions like glaucoma. Our selection of premium tonometry products from respected brands allows eye care professionals to obtain precise IOP readings while maintaining proper sterilization protocols.

The Tonoclear single-use application prisms provide a fresh, pre-mounted prism for each patient, eliminating the need for disinfection between uses. Simply load the prism onto your compatible tonometer and obtain accurate readings without risk of cross-contamination.

The hand-held AccuPen tonometer from Keeler delivers reliable IOP measurements in a portable, pen-shaped device ideal for mobile clinics and home healthcare environments. Its straightforward design enables easy use for both screening and monitoring purposes.

Ensure patient safety and confidence in your IOP testing procedures. Browse our variety of tonometry supplies and instruments below to find the right intraocular pressure solutions for your practice's needs.