Ultra Violet Phototherapy Lamps

Philips lamps for Phototherapy treatment. More than 400 independent clinical studies worldwide indicate that the Philips UVB Narrowband lamps are safer and more effective than any other lamps in their class. Our lamps emit only a very narrow wavelength band, which peaks at 311 nm: the most effective waveband for the treatment of psoriasis. This results in much shorter exposure times and less potential side effects as itching and reddening of the skin. All of this makes them ideal for phototherapy treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, parapsoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and mycosis fungoides.

Features Benefits Emission peak at 311nm Minimum potential side effects like redness, itching and burns Narrowband Shorter period of exposure and less erythemal radiation than conventional UVB lamps Special developed phosphor and glass Optimal therapeutic effect with minimum potential side effects World wide tested in more than 400 clinical tests Proven to be most effective on the skin In addition the lamps are also suitable for home therapy, because the overall dosage of this narrowband radiation can be closely controlled.

Applications • Psoriasis • Parapsoriasis • Vitiligo • Atopic Dermatitis • Mycosis fungoides • Other skin diseases