Lamp Handling

lamp-handling-guide.jpgTake care when handling lamps (light bulbs) as this will ensure the longest lamp life possible and the lamp will perform better for you.

Please NEVER touch the glass part of the lamp with your hands, hold the lamp by the metal parts only and if you need to use both hands to insert the bulb, please use the foam insert that is within the box to wrap around the glass part or a soft tissue, to enable you to also support the lamp at the glass end.

The lamp glass has a GAS (usually HALOGEN) trapped within that ensures better brightness and also filament life. If touched with bare hands, some fat residue will be transferred to the glass surface and this will affect the lamp performance and life span.

Should the glass part be contaminated clean it with an alcohol wipe.

If the equipment has a brightness control, such as a slit lamp, turn the control down to minimum before switching on, then let the lamp warm up for a minute or so, then turn the control to the required brightness. This will ensure a longer lamp life!