Ambu Man Advanced Wireless I.V.

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    AmbuMan Advanced Wireless I.V. - The Next Generation Training Manikin

    The AmbuMan Advanced Wireless I.V. is a cutting-edge manikin designed for comprehensive training in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) techniques. This innovative wireless manikin allows for realistic training in various healthcare settings, enhancing the overall learning experience.

    Key Features:

    1. Wireless Connectivity: The manikin features a wireless connection, enabling seamless integration with smartphones, tablets, or PCs, eliminating the need for cables and facilitating training in authentic environments.
    2. Advanced Airway Management: The manikin is equipped with an airway head that can be intubated and ventilated using a respiratory balloon, providing hands-on practice for airway management skills.
    3. Defibrillation Training: With the ability to withstand defibrillation up to 400 joules, the manikin offers realistic defibrillation training, preparing learners for real-life scenarios.
    4. IV and Injection Training: The manikin includes an I.V. arm with a flexible, natural latex skin that seals after needle penetration, allowing for realistic practice in intravenous cannulation, catheter insertion, fluid infusion, medication injection, and blood sampling.
    5. IO Leg: The manikin features an IO leg, enabling learners to practice intraosseous (IO) access and bone drill techniques.
    6. Customizable Training: The Ambu Manikin Management Module allows instructors to incorporate audio files, such as breathing sounds, and simulate various incidents during the resuscitation process, enhancing the training experience.
    7. Data Collection and Reporting: The wireless module facilitates data collection and storage, enabling instructors to review and analyze training sessions for continuous improvement.
    8. Comprehensive Training: The manikin offers a range of features for ALS and ACLS training, including manual and automatic pulse/heart rate display, adjustable chest stiffness for different body types, and the ability to simulate pacing (pacemaker simulation).

    Included Accessories:

    • 5 face masks
    • 100 air bags
    • Carry bag
    • Clothing set
    • I.V. arm
    • Normal arm
    • Legs
    • Internal adapter

    With its advanced features, wireless connectivity, and comprehensive training capabilities, the AmbuMan Advanced Wireless I.V. manikin is an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their ALS and ACLS skills in a realistic and immersive learning environment.


    • Product: Ambu Man Advanced Wireless I.V.
    • SKU A284407000
    • Manufacturer Ambu
    • Manikin type Adult
    • Connectivity Wireless
    • Procedures Wrist / carotid pulse, Intubation, Defibrillation, IV, Supraglottic airwaymanagement
    • Weight 17 kgs
    • Warranty 2 years
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