Don't Miss Out - Pre-order your lamp if we are out of stock

Don't Miss Out - Pre-order your lamp if we are out of stock

7th Nov 2022

We have just launched the ability to “Pre Order” lamps where we are currently out of stock. We understand how frustrating it can be to be looking for the lamp you require and finding it out of stock. 

With the difficulties that there are within the supply chain around the world and the fact that it can take longer for stock to arrive due to factors out of our control, we felt it was important for us to offer a way to our customers to avoid disappointment. 

It is very simple to take advantage of this, on our website, when a lamp is out of stock, we will display a “Pre-Order Now” Button instead of “Add to Basket”. We will also advise when we are expecting stock to arrive just above this button. 

Just order as you would normally and when we receive the stock we will automatically send you your order. 

Whilst we aim to be as accurate as possible with our estimation of when the product will be back in stock there can be instances where this is delayed, if this happens we will contact you to let you know. 

We are happy to offer a full, no questions asked complete refund at any point on our “Pre-Order” products, as we understand you may change your mind, or potentially find some stock from other sources.

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