21st Apr 2014

We offer both Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) lamps/bulbs as well as equivalent lamps/bulbs.

Our equivalent medical lamps are sourced from a company in the United States.They have been manufacturing sub miniature lamps for over 50 years. Ensuring consistent quality at all times the lamps are distinguished by their uniform brightness, spot intensity, long life and performance due to the exact positioning of the filament in relation to the lense and base.

The lamps are tested to assure compliance to the lifetime and light outputs specified. Exclusive use of Xenon gas as a filler means up to 30% increase in light efficiency over conventional gas filled medical lamps. 100% of the lamps are bench energised and aged for a minimum of 30 minutes.

We import large quantities of these lamps and are able to pass on these savings to our customers. They are designed to match the specification of O.E.M. lamps and will fit the same equipment, the only differences are the price and no fancy packaging!

Compatible with Heine, Keeler, Welch Allyn and Riester diagnostic equipment start saving money today with our equivalent lamps/bulbs. Here are some examples below.

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