Lamps and Bulbs for Medical Diagnostic Instruments

Lamps and Bulbs for Medical Diagnostic Instruments

14th Mar 2014

Don’t replace your expensive medical diagnostic equipment as soon as it appears to break! You may just need replacement lamp or bulb. It is a more cost effective option to replace parts as opposed to buying new medical instruments.

Medlamps can help! Extend the life of your costly medical diagnostic equipment, handheld instruments and medical light sources with our huge range of replacement lamps and bulbs. Whether you work as a doctor or consultant, an optician, a GP, an ENT specialist, in A&E or in any other professional medical role, Medlamps can help. We supply and deliver a large variety of medical lamps and bulbs suitable for all the following instruments;

  1. Optical equipment (retinoscopes/ophthalmoscopes)
  2. Auroscopes
  3. Laryngoscopes
  4. Penlights
  5. Endoscopes

We also supply lamps and bulbs for overhead operating theatre lights, and lamps and bulbs used for specialist light therapy, plus many more. If we don’t stock the lamps or bulbs you are looking for, we will do our very best to source it for you!

Unsure what make and model of bulb you need? Call us. Our team of experts can help you decipher which replacement lamps and bulbs you need for you medical diagnostic equipment and light sources.

All our lamps and bulbs are packaged safely and delivered promptly and reliably. For all enquiries, call us today on 01332 813921.

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