Light Therapy

Light Therapy

17th May 2014

There are many different types of light and photo therapy –

1) Light box therapy

2) UV light therapy (photo therapy

3) Coloured light therapy

4) Ultraviolet blood irradiation treatment

It is a proven seasonal affective disorder treatment and is used to target the symptoms of other psychological illnesses including depression and sleep disorders. It may also be helpful for shift workers and those travelling to different time zones to aid internal body clocks adjusting appropriately.

It is safe, has few side effects and is often used to allow patients to gradually reduce their dosage of antidepressants. It can also be used during pregnancy or breast feeding when antidepressants are not an option.

Light therapy has been proven to affect the levels of hormones and chemicals within the brain which effect mood and emotional well-being.

UV light therapy has been proven to increase circulation and form new capillaries which helps to speed up the healing process; repairing damaged skin, wounds, ulcers and inflamed tissue. This has been proven to help to treat the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis and other moderate to severe skin disorders. Light therapy can also be used to counteract the effects of neonatal jaundice. (see below)

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