Microscope Bulbs

Microscope Bulbs

7th Feb 2014

Microscopes consist of a support system, a light system, a lens system and a focusing system. This combination of systems work together to produce a magnified image of a specimen under examination.

Light is passed through a specimen using the light source (a microscope bulb), the condenser, and the iris diaphragm. Microscope bulbs are a type of incandescent lamp used as a light source in bright field microscope. The light passes through the condenser and illuminates the specimen, allowing the user to focus. An iris diaphragm controls the intensity, brightness of the light that passes through the sample. This allows for better viewing by the technician, as they light contrast can be altered accordingly.

There are two basic types of laboratory microscopes – light and electron microscopes.

Optical or light microscopes use light waves to produce the illumination, while electron microscopes use electrons. Light microscopes are used for general laboratory work whilst electron microscopes are used to study extremely small objects like viruses. Light microscopes are available in various different forms – bright field, dark field, phase contrast, or fluorescence.

The types of electron microscopes are either transmission or scanning microscopes. Bright field microscope is the most widely used microscope in laboratory work.

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