Ophthalmoscope Bulbs

Ophthalmoscope Bulbs

20th Jan 2015

Introduced in the 1850s, the Ophthalmoscope is a instrument of the optometrist. It was the first proper device to be discovered for examining the interior of the human eye. In 1851 Hermann von Helmholtz first made a discovery of the Ophthalmoscope. He called it an Augenspiegel (eye mirror). The actual name Ophthalmoscope (eye observer) did not come into common practice until three years later – in 1854.

Ophthalmoscope Bulbs are an essential element in Optical Lamps used by health professionals. At Medlamps we ensure we stock a range of Ophthalmoscope Bulbs brands, including Keeler, Heine, Riester and Welch Allyn. A Ophthalmoscope Bulb allows a health professional to view inside the back of an eye (called the fundus).

Elements To The Ophthalmoscope

The use of the Ophthalmoscope Bulbs grew rapidly. There were three essential elements in its construction:

  • A source of illumination
  • A method of reflecting the light into the eye
  • An optical means of correcting an unsharp image of the fundus

Which Ophthalmoscope Bulbs Do I Need?

When choosing a Ophthalmoscope Bulb for your instrument, ensure it works correctly and is compatible with your Ophthalmoscope. Different lights have different colour temperatures and lux (light intensity ratings) so be sure these work well with the rest of your equipment.

Here at Medlamps we have a selection of Ophthalmoscope Bulbs and we can help you with deciding on the right one for your instrument. It is advisable to find a long life bulb to keep the lamps operating costs down and for your convenience.

Why Are Ophthalmoscope Bulbs Used in Ophthalmoscope?

  • Detect problems or diseases of the eye, such as retina problems.
  • Help diagnose other conditions or diseases that damage the eye.
  • Evaluate symptoms, such as headaches.
  • Detect other problems or diseases, such as head injuries or brain tumors.

Buying Ophthalmoscope Bulbs from Medlamps

Medlamps stock a comprehensive range of Ophthalmoscope Bulbs. Medlamps stocks a range of bulbs, spotlights, dental lamps and LED systems which are all also used by healthcare professionals.

Here at Medlamps we offer free delivery on all orders over £75. Ordering with us is so simple and easy. It couldn’t get any easier… our secure payment system enables you to make your purchase safely and best of all there is no need to open an account with us so you can checkout as a guest!

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