Projector Lamps- Uses, benefits and drawbacks

Projector Lamps- Uses, benefits and drawbacks

16th Sep 2014

In the fifteenth century, the idea of inventing drawings on thin big screens then became quite interesting for scientists to explore, hence projector lamps have now come into existence.

At Medlamps we stock a wide range of projector lamp light bulbs which can be used on a slide, overhead or even a multimedia projector. We supply high quality branded bulbs from Phillips to Osram.

Right so let’s get technical, a projector lamp makes use of an intense light bulb which is called the metal halide bulb. It produces a luminous white light and shines onto an array of mirrors which are present inside the machine. The light bulb then transfers the image onto the screen through air.

Sounds amazing, right?

Let us share with you the types of projector lamps that our bulbs can be used on…

  • Slide projector – Family entertainment tool which is meant for just photographic slides. It usually displays images contained in a slide that can be shared with family and friends.
  • Overhead projector – A low-cost and efficient usage projector which is mostly used in schools and in businesses. This projector makes use of a special type of mirror that helps enlarge the image on the screen.
  • Multimedia project – Costliest projector lamp which offers good quality. Images can be enlarged and transferred onto a screen or wall. Mostly used in theatres.
  • There are a couple of drawbacks involved in using projector lamps…

  • Dimness level increases – when projector gets old.
    • Overheating – must make sure there is clearance near the two vents.
  • Using projector lamps in a dust-free and clean environment avoids problems. Here at Medlamps we advise to use projector lamps carefully. This is because of the sensitivity of the bulbs which can become damaged even if it’s a small error.

    Let us help you today with your Projector Lamp bulb needs, and if we can’t find it we will try our best to. Contact us today on 01332 813921 or simply fill out a contact form online and we will be in touch! We are the leading suppliers of Medical and Scientific lamps in the UK.

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