Welch Allyn Bulb Range

Welch Allyn Bulb Range

27th Aug 2015

At Medlamps we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers the best in the world when it comes to medical lamps and technical bulbs.

That’s why we are really happy to be a main supplier of the Welch Allyn bulb range in the UK. Welch Allyn is a US based company which has been designing cutting edge technological solutions for the healthcare industry for the last 100 years.

As time has moved on the company has evolved and adapted to the ever changing needs of healthcare professionals by applying continuous improvement and significant innovation to their tools that has strengthened their position as one of the top suppliers in the world.

Worldwide supplier

Since inventing the first direct-illuminating, hand-held ophthalmoscope almost a century ago, the company has produced a series of exceptional tools for use in medical diagnostics and examination, with its reliable and highly effective lamps and bulbs used in microscopes and surgical lights worldwide.

As one of the top suppliers in the world, Welch Allyn see themselves as “pragmatic visionaries” helping healthcare providers overcome complex challenges with simple solutions. And as a worldwide supplier of medical equipment, its customers include GP practices, community clinics, nursing professionals, emergency departments, vets practices and scientific laboratories.

The aim of Welch Allyn products is to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have the sort of tools that will transform the standard of care, wherever in the world their products are used. It is hoped that the innovative products will enable those who use them to deliver more advanced and comprehensive care, optimise the time taken and make best use of the skills required, enabling them to provide better treatment for their patients and produce much improved outcomes.

Huge range

In the last century, Welch Allyn has developed hundreds of breakthrough products and technologies that have enabled frontline practitioners to provide superior patient care.

And in just the past decade, the company has brought significant innovations to healthcare professionals, which has cemented its position as the market leader in core physical exam products, while expanding its reach further into digital and connected products.

At Medlamps we are pleased to say that we have a huge range of Welch Allyn’s cutting edge technological solutions in stock, with a range of lamps and bulbs to suit the many medical and scientific industries that they are used in.

Order yours online today

Why not take a browse through the huge range of products we have in stock and order yours online today? We supply medical lamps of the highest quality from all the leading brands at very competitive prices. Customers can order from anywhere around the world safely and securely, with the option to manage their own account online. We also offer a replacement lamp search facility where we can match the serial number of your bulb to a suitable replacement.

At Medlamps we have a reputation for excellent levels of customer service and we really listen to our customers’ needs too. So, if you’re looking for a bulb and you can’t find the one you want, or if you need further information about the products available, do get in touch and we will be delighted to help with your search.

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