DefiSign Breathing Mask (Pack of 10)

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    DefiSign Oxygen Rescue Mask

    The DefiSign Oxygen Rescue Mask comes in a distinctive rescue-green hard case, providing hygienic protection and portability for the mask.

    This innovative mask allows you to provide life-saving respiration without direct contact with the victim. The one-way valve prevents inhaled air from leaking back into the mouthpiece, ensuring a safe and effective resuscitation process. The elastic headband secures the mask in place during use, enabling uninterrupted breathing assistance.

    Designed with medical professionals in mind, the DefiSign Oxygen Rescue Mask features an oxygen connector, allowing seamless integration with external oxygen lines when emergency responders arrive on the scene.


    • Product Name: DefiSign Oxygen Rescue Mask
    • SKU: DS-mask
    • Manufacturer: DefiSign
    • Suitable for: Children and Adults
    • Weight: 1 kg
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