Heine Delta 30 Dermatoscope

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    Experience unparalleled diagnostic precision with the Heine Delta 30 dermatoscope, a pinnacle of imaging excellence crafted by Heine. Its superior optics not only deliver razor-sharp clarity but also integrate seamlessly with a user-centric design for effortless operation.

    Key Features:

    • Expansive 30mm field of view powered by the cutting-edge achromatic Heine optical system, ensuring pristine imagery.
    • Ergonomic angle design ensures optimal handling and user comfort.
    • LED HQ technology guarantees vibrant colour rendition for precise diagnostics.
    • Seamlessly document findings using the exclusive Heine Derm app or integrate with the Heine Cube system for comprehensive patient management.

    Additional Highlights:

    • Impeccable clarity regardless of working distance preferences.
    • Polarization technology eradicates unwanted reflections and glare.
    • Adjustable brightness with three distinct light intensity settings.
    • Effortless sanitization with compatibility for spray disinfectants.
    • Enhanced visibility with 10x magnification.
    • Autoclavable contact plate with scale ensures hygiene and accuracy.
    • Dioptre compensation for personalized viewing.
    • Instantly toggle between polarized and non-polarized illumination.
    • Advanced Li-ion rechargeable battery: devoid of memory effect, ensuring safe charging at any state.

    Digital Documentation Made Simple:

    Utilize the Heine Derm app for features like Bodymap, patient folders, and email functionalities.

    Seamless wireless integration with the HEINE Cube System, accommodating up to 10 practitioners and multiple Heine dermatoscopes.

    Capture conventional digital images effortlessly with popular smartphones.
    Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the Heine Delta 30 dermatoscope, where innovation meets precision.

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