Heine X-008.88.135 Original 3.5v LED lamp

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    Introducing the HEINE LEDHQ Module: Illuminating Excellence, Engineered to Last

    Invest in longevity with the HEINE LEDHQ module, where brilliance knows no bounds. When you factor in ordering fees, shipping expenses, and the labour of bulb replacements, this upgrade recoups its cost after just three XHL bulb purchases. The LEDHQ module's energy efficiency not only extends the life of disposable batteries and charges but also enhances the longevity of rechargeable batteries by reducing charging frequency. This translates to less battery waste, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

    To maintain your warranty and ensure peak performance, always opt for authentic HEINE components. Here's why the LEDHQ module stands out:

    • Enduring Brilliance: Experience the near-infinite lifespan of LED HQ, crafted to HEINE's exacting standards.
    • Swift Return on Investment: Recoup your costs after approximately three bulb replacements.
    • Zero Upkeep, Maximum Reliability: Always ready when you need it, without the hassle of maintenance.
    • Extended Power: Enjoy longer operating times for both single-use and rechargeable batteries, thanks to reduced energy consumption.

    Embrace the future of medical lighting with HEINE's LEDHQ module—where quality meets sustainability.

    Replaces: Heine X-02.88.070 Equivalent 3.5v lamp

    For use in Heine Beta 200 S, Beta 200 M2 & Beta 200 Ophthalmoscopes.

    BETA 200 S, BETA 200 M2, BETA 200 Opthalmoscope

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