Laerdal multi-venous IV Training Arm Kit

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    The Laerdal Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit offers a highly realistic adult right arm replica engineered for hands-on training in peripheral intravenous therapy techniques. This advanced training tool features a sophisticated multi-vein system that enables venipuncture practice in the antecubital fossa (inner elbow) or the dorsal areas of the hand. The arm's rotational capability, along with the movable deltoid region, ensures optimal access to the targeted veins.

    The accessible veins within this training model include the median, basilic, and cephalic veins, all of which can be effectively infused. This feature allows trainees to practice peripheral IV therapy using bolus or push injection methods accurately. Furthermore, the kit includes replaceable skin and vein components, significantly extending the model's usable lifespan.

    The Laerdal Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit comes complete with the following accessories:

    • 1 Adult IV Arm - Left
    • 1 replacement skin and Multi-Vein System
    • 1 bottle of red simulated blood
    • 1 can of Manikin lubricant
    • 1 blood bag with tubing and connector
    • 1 clamp and hook
    • 1 set of Shoulder Attachment Hardware
    • 1 carry case
    • Directions for use


    • Product: Laerdal Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit
    • Manufacturer: Laerdal
    • Weight: 1 kg
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