Laerdal Resusci Anne First Aid Torso with Carrier Case

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    Laerdal Resusci Anne First Aid Torso: Realistic and Durable Training Solution

    The Laerdal Resusci Anne First Aid Torso offers a lifelike and robust platform for hands-on first aid training. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this manikin boasts a high-quality construction designed to withstand rigorous use. The included carrier case serves dual purposes, functioning as both a convenient storage solution and a practical training mat.

    Key Features:

    1. Anatomically Accurate Airway: Experience natural airway obstruction, allowing trainees to practice essential techniques like head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust manoeuvres.
    2. Occluded Airway Simulation: The manikin simulates an occluded airway with hyperextension, providing a realistic scenario for airway management training.
    3. Realistic Chest Compressions: The torso offers a true-to-life resistance during chest compressions, ensuring trainees develop proper technique.
    4. Physiological Design: With articulating arms, legs, and head, the manikin mimics human anatomy, enabling comprehensive training.
    5. Carotid Pulse Simulation: Trainees can practice locating and assessing the carotid pulse, enhancing their diagnostic skills.
    6. Disposable Non-Rebreathing Airways: Included disposable non-rebreathing airways promote hygienic training practices.
    7. Removable/Reusable Faces: The manikin comes with three removable and reusable faces, allowing for cost-effective and versatile training sessions.

    Package Includes:

    • Laerdal Resusci Anne First Aid Torso Manikin
    • 3 Resusci Manikin Faces
    • 2 Disposable Non-Rebreathing Airways
    • Carrying Bag (doubles as a training mat)
    • Jacket for the Manikin
    • 50 Disinfectant Wipes
    • User Manual


    • Product: Laerdal Resusci Anne First Aid Torso with Carrier Case
    • SKU: 170-00150
    • Manufacturer: Laerdal
    • Manikin Type: Adult
    • Connectivity: None
    • Weight: 13.9 kgs
    • Warranty: 2 Years

    With its realistic design and comprehensive accessories, the Laerdal Resusci Anne First Aid Torso offers an immersive and practical training experience, empowering learners to develop crucial first aid skills effectively.

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