Prestan Professional Adult Series 2000 Ventilation Lung Bag

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    Enhance Your CPR Training with Prestan's Adult Lung Bag Refills

    Designed for the Prestan Professional Adult Series 2000 Ventilation Manikin, these packs of lung bags allows you to keep your training fresh and hygienic. The easy-to-replace lung design integrates seamlessly with the manikin's feedback system, providing real-time data on ventilation duration and volume to the Prestan CPR Feedback app.

    Key Features:

    • Disposable lung bags for maximum hygiene
    • Compatible with Prestan 2000 Adult CPR Manikin
    • Enables ventilation feedback and metrics
    • Quick connector to manikin feedback system
    • One-year warranty for quality assurance

    Optimize your adult CPR courses with Prestan's specialized lung bags. The intuitive design ensures realistic ventilation practice while the feedback integration takes skills to the next level. Maintain a high-quality learning experience with these affordable refill packs.


    • Product name Prestan Professional Adult Series 2000 Ventilation Lung Bag
    • Manufacturer Prestan
    • Weight 1 kgs
    • IP rating 21
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