Prestan Professional Collection Pack

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    Level Up Your CPR Training with the Prestan Professional Collection Pack

    Take your CPR training to the next level with the Prestan Professional Collection Pack! This comprehensive set comes equipped with three ultra-realistic manikins representing adults, children, and infants. With this collection, your students can master vital life-saving techniques on manikins that replicate real-world scenarios.

    But that's not all - the Prestan Pack goes above and beyond with a built-in CPR feedback system. As your students practice their compressions, the manikins provide real-time guidance through lights and clicking sounds. Too slow? An orange light cues them to pick up the pace. Just right? Two green lights and an audible click confirm perfect technique. This invaluable feedback loop helps budding life-savers build confidence and muscle memory.

    Designed for ultimate portability, the lightweight 8kg set comes complete with a sturdy carry bag to transport all three manikins and 30 replacement lung bags (10 for each size) with ease. Whether you're an instructor training professionals, first responders, sports teams or student groups, the Prestan Professional Collection Pack delivers a comprehensive, travel-friendly CPR training solution.

    Don't settle for less when lives are on the line. With Prestan's innovative technology, realistic manikins and unbeatable convenience, you can prepare your students to respond calmly and effectively in any emergency. The Pack is even backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind. Level up your training program today!

    Prestan Professional Collection Pack includes:

    • Adult Torso CPR Training Manikin
    • Child Torso CPR Training Manikin
    • Baby Full Body CPR Training Manikin
    • 10 Adult Lungs
    • 10 Child Lungs
    • 10 Baby Lungs
    • Carry bag
    • Instructions


    • Product name Prestan Professional Collection Pack
    • Manufacturer Prestan
    • Manikin type Family
    • Connectivity Wireless
    • Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
    • Weight 8 kgs
    • Warranty 3 years
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