Prestan Professional Infant Lung Bags with face shields (50-Pack)

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    Prestan Professional Infant Lung Bags with Face Shields (50-Pack)

    Efficient and cost-effective, this 50-pack of Prestan Baby Lung Bags is designed for easy replacement, thanks to the unique design of Prestan CPR training manikins. This streamlined replacement process contributes to faster setup times for CPR training sessions.

    These lung bags serve as the artificial lungs for the Prestan Baby CPR training manikin, ensuring the manikin's chest rises with proper ventilation during practice. Each bag includes a replaceable infant face shield for hygienic training.

    Designed specifically for the Prestan Professional Infant manikin, these lung bags are simple to install and provide a realistic training experience. By ordering this 50-pack, you'll have a convenient supply of replacements on hand.


    • Product: Prestan Professional Infant Lung Bags with Face Shields
    • SKU: PP-ILB-50
    • Manufacturer: Prestan
    • Compatible Model: Prestan Professional Infant
    • Package Weight: 1 kg
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