Prestan Professional Pro+ manikin Face shields 50-pack

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    Prestan Face Shield Pack for Pro+ Manikins

    Ensure proper hygiene and realistic training with this convenient pack of 50 replacement face shields, designed specifically for the Prestan Professional Pro+ Adult Manikin.

    These disposable face shields cover both the nasal and oral cavities, allowing for accurate simulation of ventilation techniques. Replacing the face shield after each student's practice session helps maintain a clean and sanitary training environment.


    • Pack of 50 face shields for the Prestan Pro+ Adult Manikin
    • Covers nasal and mouth areas for realistic ventilation practice
    • Disposable design promotes hygiene during training sessions
    • Convenient and cost-effective replacement solution
    • Ensures a clean manikin for each student's practice


    • Product name Prestan Professional Pro+ manikin Face shields 50-pack
    • Manufacturer Prestan
    • Suitable for model Prestan Pro+
    • Weight 1 kgs
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