Astralite® 70 KLux HD-LED Minor Surgical Light

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    Boasting breakthrough technology, the HD-LED provides vastly better performance than other standard LED or conventional Minor Surgical Lights.

    Full Spectrum Colour Rendition - Reduce eye strain by being able to see perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum.

    Fat Beam Illumination - Benefit from a large beam of light with high light intensity and higher light flux to ensure more light over the illuminated area.

    Red Balance Control - Offering the highest R9 Red colour rendition in its class, it provides optimum visualisation of red tissues that can also user adjustable to fine tune to the surgeon's optical colour response.

    Movement Range

    Astralite® minor surgery light has been designed so that the light head can be positioned all the way around the patient and the 5 rotations allow for easy, precise beam of light.

    LED Long Life

    LED lighting technology boasts a far superior long life than traditional lighting, and it's 50,000 hours equates to more than 20 years of normal usage.

    Environmentally Friendly and Economical

    Astralite® uses less than 32 VA. LEDs are mercury free and do not contain CFCs, POPs, VOCs, halogens or other harmful chemicals. The fact that you do not need to change a bulb in its whole life range makes the Astralite® highly economical. LED are also far more efficient at producing light than traditional bulbs, further improving efficiency.

    Infection Control and Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology

    THe Astralite® boasts easy to clean smooth surfaces and anti-microbial additives are used to destroy harmful bacteria. The head of the surgical lamp is sealed to protect against ingress of liquid, dust and dirt to prevent contamination. Biomaster antimicrobial additive is moulded into the plastic lamp head parts and ‘Ultra Fresh’ is incorporated in the lamp head paint. Both of these additives have anti-microbial properties.

    Adjustable Colour Contrast

    The colour of the light can be adjusted depending on skin, tissue or wound to select the optimum lighting.

    Large Illuminated Field

    All models produce a large 250mm max. diameter light field with a 70-140cm working distance.

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