Brayden LIGHTS Manikin with WHITE LED lighting

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    Experience Lifelike Resuscitation Training with the Brayden LIGHTS Manikin

    Elevate your students' resuscitation training with the innovative Brayden LIGHTS Manikin. This cutting-edge manikin features white LED lighting in the torso, allowing you to visualize blood circulation during chest compressions – a unique feature unmatched by other resuscitation manikins.

    Enhance Understanding with Visible Blood Circulation

    Designed to boost confidence and comprehension, the Brayden LIGHTS Manikin makes the effects of resuscitation visible. The strategically placed LED lights illuminate the manikin's torso, providing real-time feedback on:

    • The impact of chest compressions
    • Blood circulation patterns
    • The quality of resuscitation efforts
    • Realistic Breathing Simulation

    Proper breathing techniques are essential for effective resuscitation. The Brayden LIGHTS Manikin simulates this aspect realistically – breathing is only possible when the chin lift is performed correctly, and chest movement is visible only with the right breathing technique.

    What's Included:

    • Torso with LED lighting
    • 10 face shields
    • 1 face mask
    • 1 airway
    • 6 batteries
    • 1 handy bag that converts into a training mat


    • Product Name: Brayden LIGHTS Manikin with WHITE LED lighting
    • SKU: IM13
    • Manufacturer: Brayden
    • Manikin Type: Adult
    • Connectivity: None
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Warranty: 2 years

    Transform your resuscitation training with the Brayden LIGHTS Manikin, and provide your students with a truly immersive and insightful learning experience.

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