Special offer - Save over 15% on Heine Devices

Special offer - Save over 15% on Heine Devices

12th Nov 2021

Special offers - Heine devices from Medlamps - taking standards to new levels

We are delighted to be able to offer these fantastic special offers until 31st December 2021. Save over 15% on these fantastic Heine devices. Special offer applies to new orders confirmed before 31st December 2021.

Delta 30 Dermatoscope

The Heine Delta 30 Dermatoscope offers the ability for reliable diagnostics due to the best imaging that Heine have managed to create. 

£1,122 (inc VAT) - WAS £1,314 (inc VAT)

Find out morehttps://medlamps.co.uk/heine-delta-30-dermatoscope...

ML4 LED Headlight

Specifically designed for healthcare professionals who require a perfect view during long surgical or treatment sessions.

£1,314 (+ VAT) - WAS £1,524 (+VAT)

Find out more - https://medlamps.co.uk/heine-ml4-led-headlight/

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