Brayden Baby CPR Manikin

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    Brayden Baby CPR Manikin: Realistic Training, Real-Time Feedback

    Elevate your pediatric CPR training with the Brayden Baby CPR manikin. This innovative solution offers unparalleled realism and real-time feedback, ensuring your learners gain confidence and master life-saving techniques.

    Realistic Features:

    • Lifelike size and skull shape for a natural positioning
    • Connected mouth and nose, mobile head for accurate airway management
    • Proper head tilt required to open the airway, just like a real baby


    Real-Time Feedback:

    • Glowing LED lights simulate blood circulation, instantly reflecting compression quality
    • Proper compression rate, depth, and recoil illuminates the head
    • Intermittent lung lighting indicates correct breathing technique


    User-Friendly Design:

    • Intuitive and easy to use, facilitating effective training sessions
    • Visualize the CPR scenario with unparalleled clarity


    Unbeatable Value:

    • Exceptional price-to-quality ratio, delivering outstanding training tools within your budget
    • With the Brayden Baby CPR manikin, you'll experience a whole new level of paediatric resuscitation training. Invest in this cutting-edge solution today and empower your learners to save lives.



    • Product Name: Brayden Baby
    • SKU: IM-17
    • Manufacturer: Brayden
    • Manikin Type: Baby
    • Connectivity: None
    • Weight: 4 kgs
    • Warranty: 2 years
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