Brayden Baby Pro CPR Manikin

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    The Brayden Baby Pro: Realistic Infant CPR Training with Real-Time Feedback

    Brayden's Baby Pro is an advanced infant CPR manikin that provides realistic hands-on training with real-time feedback. Its lifelike design includes a movable head, realistic facial features, and an integrated airway connecting the mouth and nose. During practice, the manikin's lungs illuminate when proper ventilation technique is used, boosting learner confidence. Audible cues can be disabled for testing scenarios.

    Comprehensive App for Enhanced Training (Apple only)

    Connect the Baby Pro to the free Brayden Online app (iOS only) to access a wide range of practice scenarios and assessments. Receive objective data on ventilation volume, compression depth and hand placement, and chest recoil - displayed during training to reinforce proper technique. Detailed reports with charts and graphs review performance at the end of each session.

    The app's real-time feedback mode lets learners self-monitor by placing a tablet beside the manikin. Perfect for instructor-led classes or independent practice.

    Follows Latest Guidelines

    The manikin features a brachial pulse designed to align with AHA and ERC protocols that can be enabled or disabled as needed. Gain exposure to complete infant CPR following the latest standards.

    Unmatched Realism and Quality Assurance

    With its anatomically correct design and innovative real-time feedback features, the Brayden Baby Pro offers an unparalleled infant CPR training experience. Ensure responders of all levels develop the critical skills needed to save infant lives.


    • Brayden Baby Pro manikin
    • Extra lungbags
    • Double ventilation filter
    • 10 face shields
    • Portable carry case/training mat
    • 4 AA batteries



    • Product name Brayden Baby Pro
    • SKU IM17-P
    • Manufacturer Brayden
    • Manikin type Baby
    • Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
    • Weight 1 kgs
    • Warranty 2 years
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