Brayden OBI Resuscitation Manikin with Red LED Lights

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    The Brayden OBI CPR manikin is an innovative training tool that provides real-time feedback to enhance the effectiveness of CPR training. It features LED lighting that visualizes the quality of chest compressions, blood circulation, and overall CPR technique.

    When CPR is performed optimally, the LED lights will reach the "brain" area, indicating proper blood flow. The chest compression light shows the volume of simulated blood circulation in the chest area. Ineffective CPR results in only partial illumination.

    This visual representation of blood circulation during resuscitation improves trainees' understanding of the process, leading to better CPR technique. The manikin comes with a convenient carry case that doubles as a training mat.

    In addition to its feedback features, the Brayden OBI is designed to be an inclusive representation of a diverse patient population. It accurately depicts a dark-skinned adult male to provide realistic training reflective of the communities served by CPR programs.

    Studies show disparities in bystander CPR rates and survival outcomes related to race and ethnicity. The OBI manikin aims to increase familiarity and improve training quality for underrepresented groups.

    Key features include:

    • Real-time audio and visual feedback
    • Anatomically correct for proper ventilation training
    • Breathing exit reduces cross-contamination risk
    • Adjustable for AHA and ERC protocol training



    • Torso with red led lighting
    • 10 Face shields
    • 1 face mask
    • 1 airway
    • 6 batteries
    • Carry bag/ mat


    Dimensions and weight:

    • Length: 51 cm
    • Width: 32 cm
    • Height: 21 cm
    • Weight: 3.2 kg
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