Laerdal Little Anne Combo Package

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    The Laerdal Little Anne Combo Package is an innovative solution for basic life support (BLS) training. This all-in-one package includes everything you need for efficient and effective training sessions.

    At the heart of the package are six stackable Little Anne manikins – three light and three dark skin tones. These manikins feature realistic anatomy, movable jaws, and visual chest rise indicators for realistic compression practice. They can withstand an impressive 50,000 compressions and 100,000 ventilations. The unique leaf spring design provides a natural compression feel.

    The package also includes six defibrillator trainers with rechargeable batteries. These trainers can be set for fully automatic, semi-automatic, and connected/non-connected electrode modes to simulate various scenarios. The trainers connect wirelessly to the Laerdal QCPR Training app, providing real-time feedback on compression rate, depth, ventilation rate, and volume.

    For convenience, all the manikins and trainers neatly stack and store in the included trolley, making setup and transportation a breeze. Sustainable touches like manikins made from 60% recycled materials, PET carry bags, and reusable airway filters with a 3-month lifespan reduce environmental impact.

    The Laerdal QCPR app enables instructors to monitor and adjust settings for each manikin. Multiple manikin models can be combined in one training. Upgrade with the SkillGuide tool for additional hand placement feedback.

    With easy maintenance, guideline compliance, and the option to update defibrillator settings via the app, the Little Anne Combo Package is a smart long-term investment for BLS programs. It offers innovation, portability, and an engaging multi-unit training experience, all packaged conveniently for success.


    • 6x Stackable little Anne manikins (3x light and 3 x dark)
    • 6x Defibrillator trainers
    • 6x Defibrillator case
    • 6x Electrodes
    • 6 x Face skins
    • 1x User guide
    • 12x AA Batteries (non-rechargeable)
    • 24x Manikin wipes
    • 1x Trolley
    • 1x carry bag
    • 60x Sustainable airway filters



    • Product name Laerdal Little Anne Combo Package
    • SKU LittleAnneCombo6+trainers
    • Manufacturer Laerdal
    • Manikin type Adult
    • Connectivity Wireless
    • Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
    • Weight 1 kgs
    • Warranty 1 year
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