Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikin

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    Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikin: A Portable and Sustainable CPR Training Solution

    The Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikin is designed for easy transportation and sustainability. These lightweight manikins can be stacked on top of each other, and the Laerdal stackable Little Anne Manikin Trolley offers convenient storage and mobility. The manikin features leaf springs beneath the chest plate, providing a more natural feel for compressions.

    Key Features:

    1. Bluetooth Connectivity: Connects seamlessly to the QCPR app for real-time performance monitoring.
    2. Realistic Anatomy: Adult torso model with lifelike facial features, chest rise during ventilations, and movable jaw for airway management.
    3. Long-Lasting Components: Designed to withstand 50,000 compressions and 100,000 ventilations.
    4. Sustainable Airway Filters: Reusable lungs and replaceable filters reduce waste and lower environmental impact.
    5. Recycled Materials: 60% of the manikin is made from recycled materials, without any rubber latex.


    Feedback and Training:

    The QCPR sensors measure compression rate and depth, as well as ventilation rate and volume. This feedback can be monitored in real-time through the QCPR Training app, which supports connecting multiple manikins simultaneously. Additionally, the SkillGuide tool can be integrated for hand placement monitoring.


    • Weight: 12 kg
    • Dimensions: 64cm x 37cm x 21.5cm
    • Powered by 2 AA batteries (included)
    • Fully disassemblable for maintenance and replacement of parts
    • CE registered and guideline compliant


    With its portability, sustainability, and advanced feedback capabilities, the Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikin is an excellent choice for CPR training in various settings.

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