Laerdal little Anne Stackable Manikin Filters (60 pack)

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    Prolong the Life of Your Little Anne Manikin Lungs with Reusable Filters

    The Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters are designed to keep your manikin's lungs clean and uncontaminated, enabling you to use them for up to 3 months instead of replacing them after every training session. By filtering the exhaled air, these filters prevent contamination, saving you time and money on unnecessary replacements.

    Key Features:

    1. Extended Lung Life: With proper care and the use of these filters, the manikin's lungs can last for approximately 3 months, significantly reducing waste and replacement costs.
    2. Effortless Filter Replacement: The filters are easy to replace after each training session, streamlining your setup process for the next session.
    3. Effective Filtration: The two-sided Technostat T-150(+) filter boasts low air resistance, high dust-holding capacity, and excellent filtration efficiency, capturing 99.99% of aerosol particles larger than 2.7 µm, including bacteria and viruses.
    4. Sustainable Choice: By reducing the need for frequent lung replacements, these filters help minimize the environmental impact of disposable medical training products, preventing thousands of non-recyclable airways from ending up in landfills each year.

    This pack includes 60 Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters, providing you with enough filters for up to 60 training sessions. Designed for use with the Laerdal Stackable Little Anne manikin and compatible with the light and dark face skins, these filters ensure a safe, hygienic, and cost-effective training experience.


    • Product: Laerdal Little Anne Stackable Manikin Filters (60 pieces)
    • SKU: 135-11050
    • Manufacturer: Laerdal
    • Suitable for: Laerdal Little Anne Stackable manikin
    • Weight: 1 kg


    Invest in these reusable filters and extend the lifespan of your Little Anne manikin lungs while promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

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