Prestan Professional Adult Manikin with CPR Feedback, 4-Pack

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    Elevate Your CPR Training with the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin 4-Pack

    Experience unparalleled realism and efficacy in CPR training with the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin 4-Pack. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these manikins offer a remarkably lifelike experience, both visually and to the touch. Lightweight yet durable, they facilitate seamless transportation and storage with the included convenient carry bag.

    Realistic and Versatile Design

    Crafted to mimic the human form with precision, these manikins boast a dirt-repellent material that prevents electrode residue from marring their surfaces. The ample chest size accommodates defibrillator training, while the clearly visible sternum ensures proper hand placement for chest compressions. Visual cues also enable practice of the Heimlich maneuver, enhancing the training experience.

    Prestan Feedback System: Mastering Technique

    Equipped with the innovative Prestan Feedback System, these manikins provide real-time feedback on compression speed and depth, ensuring trainees develop proficient CPR skills. The intuitive clicker mechanism offers auditory feedback on compression depth, aligning with FDA and ERC guidelines for optimal training.

    Set Includes:

    • 4 Prestan Professional Adult CPR Manikins
    • 50 Adult Lung Bags
    • Convenient Carry Bag
    • User Instructions



    • Product Name: Prestan Professional Adult Manikin with CPR Feedback, 4-Pack
    • SKU: PP-AM-400M
    • Manufacturer: Prestan
    • Manikin Type: Adult
    • Connectivity: Wireless
    • Procedures: BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
    • Weight: 12 kgs
    • Warranty: 3 years

    Invest in the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin 4-Pack and elevate your CPR training program to new heights, ensuring your trainees acquire lifesaving skills with unparalleled proficiency.

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