Prestan Baby CPR Manikins 4 Pack

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    Enhance your CPR training experience with this set of 4 Prestan Baby CPR manikins, designed to provide a lifelike and immersive learning environment. These state-of-the-art manikins are crafted to simulate realistic scenarios, ensuring trainees acquire essential skills for effective CPR administration.

    Lifelike Construction for Authentic Training

    Crafted with patented elastomer skin, these manikins offer a remarkably lifelike feel and appearance. The durable skin not only replicates the tactile experience but also resists dirt, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity. Withstanding an impressive half a million compressions, these manikins are built to withstand rigorous training sessions.

    Integrated CPR Monitor for Real-Time Feedback

    Equipped with an integrated CPR monitor, these manikins provide invaluable real-time feedback to trainees during the CPR process. Both visual and auditory cues guide learners, enabling them to evaluate and refine their techniques effectively. The monitor precisely measures compression depth (at least 5 cm) and rate, ensuring trainees develop proficiency in delivering accurate and appropriate CPR.

    With this set of Prestan Baby CPR manikins, you can elevate your training program to new heights, equipping your trainees with the confidence and skills necessary to potentially save lives in critical situations.


    • 4x Prestan Baby CPR manikins
    • 50x Prestan Baby lungs
    • 1x Nylon Bag/mat for 4 Brayden Baby Manikins


    • Product name Prestan Baby CPR Manikins 4 Pack
    • Manufacturer Prestan
    • Manikin type Baby
    • Connectivity Wireless
    • Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
    • Weight 12 kgs
    • Warranty 3 years
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