Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikin 4 Pack

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    Elevate Your Training with the Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikin 4 Pack

    Transform your training environment with this set of four lifelike Ultralite Baby Manikins from Prestan. Each manikin features an integrated monitor that delivers real-time visual and auditory feedback during resuscitation practice, ensuring students master critical life-saving techniques.

    Portable and Versatile

    The compact design of the Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikins allows for effortless setup and transportation, making them ideal for instructors conducting training sessions across multiple locations. With their realistic appearance and lifelike feel, these manikins immerse students in diverse scenarios, preparing them for real-life emergencies involving infants.

    Resuscitation Monitor for Immediate Feedback

    Equipped with a built-in resuscitation monitor, these manikins provide instantaneous feedback on the depth (at least 5 cm) and rate of compressions, empowering students to refine their skills and improve their performance.

    Durable and Easy-to-Maintain

    Crafted with a patented elastomer skin, the Prestan Baby Manikins offer a remarkably realistic texture while repelling dirt and grime, ensuring easy maintenance. Rigorously tested, these manikins can withstand an impressive half a million compressions without compromising their integrity.


    • 4x Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikin
    • 50x Prestan Ultralite Baby lung bags with face shields
    • 1x Nylon carry bag for 4 Ultralite baby manikins
    • 1x Instruction manual


    • Product name Prestan Ultralite Baby manikin 4 Pack
    • Manufacturer Prestan
    • Manikin type Baby
    • Connectivity Wireless
    • Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
    • Weight 4 kgs
    • Warranty 3 years
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